Rock Lee in "Naruto Spin-Off: Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals"

Instead of Naruto being the star of the show, Rock Lee has jumped in and is currently being the star of Naruto Spin- Off: Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals

Now, Rock Lee, the current main character of this show, is a hyperactive, always training, superteen who is always trying to help out a friends, with Tenten, as President of Punchlines, Neji, as the cross-dressing "slave" of Lee and Might Guy, as his role model, there is no stopping him!

Rock Lee, a determined ninja, is very special, because he can't use ninjustsu, he focuses on taijutsu. He also has created his own 'rasengan', of which he calls raseken, he also has limiters on his eyebrows, with the help of Might guys teaching of the 8 gates.



Rock Lee with Tenten and Neji doing a skit so Naruto will give them the baumkuchen cake ticket at a new cake resturant

Rock Lee has a cooky personality alike his Sensei, Might Guy. one thing in this personality is skitting, he mostly cross-dresses Neji, as a girl or whatever else they might wear, as skits with him, most of the skits ared comedy skits, and others aren't.

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